Do you have your own website? If you do, this content will be of particular interest to you. SEO users require certain tools to help them navigate through their daily routines. Without these tools, your site is not going to run as smoothly. Your contact with your customers will also being hindered. So, if you have already acquired reliable SEO web hosting let’s move on. Otherwise, follow the above specified link first.

So let’s get to know some of these tools you should have in your arsenal of resources.
By the end of this content, you should have a basic awareness why some of these expenditures are worth the cost.


This toolkit truly does live up to its name. It comes in silver, gold or the platinum packages. It doesn’t matter which level you choose, this is going to be one of your greatest lifesavers.

This tool is one of the better resources for backlinking and site exploring. You can use this tool to explore how your text flows from one site to another,your backlink historyand even the anchored keywords you use for content and traffic. There are a lot of people that like to do this as a test.

Here’s the thing, if a site isn’t going to perform well under these circumstances, then why would you use it? If you are backlinking your site to another, that other site is supposed to be a good resource. It’s supposed to be a good way to backup your site and information. If a certain site is not doing its job, than you need to do this. This way you can find a site that will be good for backlinking.

This is the genius behind the Majestic SEO.


This little tool has a lot in its arsenal. This one is really good for backlink research. This tool is good for determining which sites will perform well with backlinking. It will also aid you with finding out which sites are going to be your best resources, given your site’s topic and message.

This tool also has some other benefits. It’s good for tracking your rankings. It’s also good for analyzing your social media feeds. Social media outlets are a very good resource for SEO and site traffic. This PRO tool is perfect to find out how your feeds are doing. You will get detailed reports on who is looking at your information. You will also get reports on who is interested and who is still on the fence.

This is perfect for those who are wondering how to move forward with their site. This is also good for those looking to see what is working and what is not. Based on these feed reports you get, then you can get rid of what is not working for you.